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Recipe Script

Recipe Websites are very profitable right now. To do it right, you need a recipe management system.

Now, you can stop searching for that website recipe management system. I have had one created for you!

I got so tired of purchasing recipe scripts only to have each one not live up to my expectations. So, came three years of paying programmers and improving each design until I reached my goal: a recipe script that is easy to use and still be able to provide a unique design for the website owner.

Now, you can reap the rewards of all of the time, effort and expense that I have put into this program.

Instead of trying to "sell" you on why you should buy my script, I'm just going to "tell" you what it does. Then, YOU can decide if it has the features and function that you need.

Features and Functions

  • Easy to install. The "Easy Install" system does almost everything for you. Step-by-Step, 1-2-3. You can't fail! (Please note: This script was developed for a Linux/Unix cpanel server. Installing using other server types could be problematic.)

  • Template System. The newly designed template system makes it easy to choose the different included styles for your new site. You can choose from seven professionally designed styles.

  • Menu System. The new menu system makes it easy to add links to the top navigation bar for external sites or other pages within your own site.


  • Must have a valid email address to post recipes. When new users register, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their registration. Only after they click on the confirmation link, will they be able to post recipes. This eliminates "bogus" registrations.

  • Can subscribe to your newsletter as they register. All they have to do is click on a "tick" box. You can either use the simple broadcast email feature to send your newsletter OR add to the built in external autoresponder of your choice. Once set up in the admin panel, their email address will be automatically added to an autoresponder service such as Aweber or Get Response.

  • Can send recipes to their friends by email. If they find a recipe they like, they don't have to worry about the "copy and paste" procedure. Just click a button, enter the required email address, and send the email.

  • Browse or Search for recipes. Search by category or keywords.

  • Rate the recipes on your site, so you can see which ones are most popular.

  • See the recipes that have the most views from the "home" page of the recipe website.

  • View the most recently added recipes directly from the "home" page of the recipe website.

  • Can post recipes to your site, with the ability to upload a photo of their treasured recipe.

  • Add Author Site and Profile. Ability for a site visitor to add their "author" profile and upload their photo.

  • Can print a recipe that they want to try.

  • Can print a list of ingredients for each recipe to create a shopping list.

  • Can retrieve their password if they forget what it is.

  • Can view their "Favorite" recipes.

  • Can view the "Recipe of the Day"  that is randomly generated to the script's home page.

Admin Panel:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Recipes.

  • Default Recipe Photo. Default image upload for recipes that don't have images, with ability to disable.

  • Add/Edit/Delete Categories, with automatic alphabetizing of categories.

  • Modify/Edit/Delete any User.

  • Create Extra Website Pages "on the fly." Simple CMS (Content Management System lets you easily create new pages for articles, cooking terms, or whatever you would need a new page for.

  • WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get) to make it easier to add text and graphics to your web pages.

  • Control site visitor commenting. Ability to disable commenting to help prevent spamming.

  • RSS Syndication feature available.

  • Edit Home Page and Footer Text directly from the script's control panel. Now, you don't have to search via FTP for which files you need to change.

  • Image Verification and Security Measures have been added to help prevent the addition of spam comments and "bogus" recipes to your website. Security measures have been added to discourage hacking of website.

  • Add Meta Tag information from admin control panel.

  • Send out a "Subscriber" newsletter. Ability to use SMPT mailing option if server doesn't support sendmail.

  • Change Admin password.

  • Export members/recipes.

  • Banner Management. Easily add Google Adsense or affiliate banners to your website.

  • Backup and Restore your recipe website.


  • 200 Plus Recipes most with their pictures, can be downloaded in the download area when you purchase your script. You have the option to add them - or not - to your database.
  • JPG and PSD Headers so that you can have your own site's title and slogan.


Have you priced the recipe management scripts that are available? And how many are there available? Not many!! I have priced this script at $99.95. No tricks, no hocus-pocus. I'm not going to claim to raise the price later. I might, but probably not. I believe that $99.95 is a fair price for this script.

This script is extremely easy to install, but if you don't want to do it yourself, I will install it for you for $35.


  • License Fee: $99.95

  • License Type: Lifetime

  • Updates: 12 months included

  • Support: 12 months included


  • PHP: 4.3.0 or higher

  • PHP: GD library (graphics extension)

  • MySQL: 4.0.0 or higher

  • SERVER: Unix/Linux running Apache

  • SERVER: ionCube support (our zip includes most loaders)

  • SERVER: .htaccess processing enabled (for search-engine-friendly URLs)

Ready to Order?

To purchase the Recipe Script for $99.95, click the button below 

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